Let’s get clever – Barley!!!

Onderaan is ‘n lekker barley slaai resep – spesiaal in Afrikaans vir al julle spesiale mense!

‘Lets Get Clever -this week’s theme…  We tend to fall into a rut with what we eat.  We eat the things we ‘know’, the food we grew up with and enjoy most.  How often do you try to add something new to your stew, soup or even onto your sandwich?  Well, this week I am going to discuss a few less commonly used whole grain foods, it’s nutritional value and  some ideas on how you can combine it into your daily foods.

Once upon a time whole grains brought to mind heavy, clunky, hippie health food and baked bricks called cookies. But as the extreme importance of whole grains in our diet has come to the forefront, home cooks and celebrity chefs alike are using them to create fresh, wholesome, delicious dishes that don’t taste like cardboard with soy sauce. Whole grains are ready for their close-up.

Grains are members of the grass family. Whole grains include grains such as wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, rye and even popcorn. In their “whole” form, these grains contain all three parts of the kernel

There are many delicious and highly nutritious whole grains to choose from, so adding whole grains to your diet needn’t be daunting.

I will be sharing one new wholegrain food with you, one every day, starting with barley…

Balmy about Barley

Used as far back as the Stone Age for currency, food, and medicine, barley is a great addition to a healthy diet. Because barley contains plentiful amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber, it helps aid bowel regularity. It contains 96 calories, 22 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fiber per half-cup of cooked barley. Unrefined barley contains abundant amounts of potassium. It also has lots of magnesium, manganese, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, protein, sulfur, and phosphorus. This versatile ingredient can be added to soups, stews, cereal, salads, pilaf, or ground into flour for baked goods or desserts.

Click here for a lovely barley and cheese spread recipe. This looks delicious…

Kruie en BARLEY Slaai 

As jy nie al die vars kruie het soos die resep aandui nie, kom haal gerus in my tuin! – Enige tyd!

Die is ‘n lekker ‘crunchy’ slaai.  Dis op sy lekkerste as dit ‘n paar uur voor die tyd gemaak word sodat die geure goed kan meng.

Jy het Nodig

3 Koppies waterHerbed Barley Salad

4 knoffel huisies

1 koppie barley

6 klein uitjies, gechop

halwe koppie radyse, gechop

halwe koppie greenpepper

halwe koppie redpepper

kwart koppie vars pietersielie – gechop

kwart koppie vars basil- gechop

2 eetlepels chives

2 eetlepels mosterd

kwart koppie rooiwyn asyn (ek hou nie van asyn, so ek los gewoonlik die een uit!)

kwart koppie olyf olie

sout en peper

Dit lyk na ‘n lang lysie, maar glo my, ek hou nie van ingewikkelde resepte nie.  Die een is maklik!

Wat jy Doen

Meng die water, pietersielie, 3 huisies knoffel en barley in ‘n pan.  Bring tot kook. Draai hitte laag en laat dit simmer tot die barley sag is.  Dreineer oorblywende water.


In ‘n slaaibak, meng die mosterd en 1 huisie knoffel.  Die asyn word ook hierby gevoeg as jy dit wil gebruik.  Meng liggies. Meng dan die olyfolie in.  Voeg sout en peper by na smaak.

Meng die helfte van die ‘dressing’ by die warm barley.  Laat afkoel.

Voeg al die groente en kruie by die barley wanneer afgekoel,  Sit oorblywende Dressing daarop en plaas in yskas.


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