Afrikaners is plesierig, en dan maak hulle SO;

The following piece was written with lots of appreciation to the Afrikaner, to my ex-husband and everyone who might feel offended… let’s call it ‘kunstenaarsvryheid, vryheid van spraak, license to kill ‘…

I used to be married to a ‘groot, sterk, Afrikaanse man’ (met die klem op Afrikaans…. of is dit op ‘used to’?)  Yes, a big, strong, Afrikaans man.  As a family they enjoyed doing the braai-thing on  Saturday evenings.   His mother called this “her day off”.  And man, did she mean every word when she said that!

On these Saturday evenings we were served the following;  steak, tjops, boerewors and perhaps even a few chicken wings if I was lucky!  No green in sight! Not even a dry white rice grain…     Boy, did I feel sorry for myself!

Eventually I hit the road.  No, not only because of a protein overdose, but this certainly did add to my decision.  A good girl like myself need some culture, you know, not even to mention a hint of crispy greens!

Anyhow, today we enjoy lighting the fire on a Sunday, bring out a couple of good bottles (seeing that we usually have doos wyn, ie. wine from a box,  during the week…), and set my dad’s workbench with proper plates, not paper ones like in those days…(can you see me rolling my eyes!?).

Onion, Butternut, Potato, Garlic...

In the oven I quickly prepare a veggie bake to go with the meat.  The meat that honestly doesn’t come to it’s right without this delicious play of colour and fragrance.

Please, pretty, pretty please, for once and for all get rid of that packet of potato bake,  veggie bake, or whatever it is you are hiding  in your kitchen cupboard to apparently make the perfect meal.

Parsley for fragrance and greenery... Please, the greens are important!

You need but only;

Preheat oven to 180

ONE butternut

FOUR medium sized patatoes

HALF an onion

THREE cloves of Garlic and

A handfull of fresh parsley

THREE tablespoons of olive oil

-Peel the butternut and chop all the veggies into pieces while you’re sitting next  to the fire, sipping away on that glass of good stuff.  There’s really no need to  get rid of that fine potato skin – it’s packed with goodness.

-Spread evenly in a baking dish

-Sprinkle with the parsley, Olive oil and a bit of coarse sea salt

-Pop into the oven for 40 minutes

When the veggies are glowing and crispy, remove from oven and enjoy without delay.


It’s important to get the timing right, so do communicate a little with the braai-guy 🙂

My kids ALWAYS ask  ‘More please, Mommy!?’  Wouldn’t you just love the sound of kids begging for veggies? And the fact that it’s not covered in a white sauce, a cheese sauce or some baking magic from a packet really adds to you being called a very good mother, indeed.

So, let this be a lesson to you;  Don’t ever serve me food on  paper plate.  I’ll even bring my own if you prefer,  and wash it myself…

**Ps.Green Peppers & Mushrooms may also be added—GROOOVY**

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