About last night’s Netball Dance.

So we were sitting at our fire – around 5 o clock in the afternoon.

Typical Saturday; Steve Hofmeyr singing in his coarse voice, tjoppies sizzling, boys kicking their rugby ball and Pipa running around filling our glasses with ice and the chips-bowl with chips…  All that was missing was a good old fashioned plaas dance.  Boy! I barely gave that thought some energy when ‘Ching’… a penny dropped,  a note hit and a voice whispered in my ear.  Tonight the Porterville Netball team is having their annual end of season Dance! Heee-Haaa! Be careful what you wish for…… You know what they say…

So gese, so gedaan.

Wat gaan ek aantrek.  Ek dra elke dag jeans.  Kry SO min die geleentheid om my neus te poeier en lippies rooi te verf!  Na ‘n paar minute se krap in my laaie kom ek af op my ever so classic matriekafskeidbroek van 1990.  En sowaar – 20jaar later pas hy beter as OOIT! Strappies toppie,  lekker hoe hakskoene vir daai 2-step moves, en siedaar!

Die landbousaal is verfraai met silwer strips wat die dak vol hang en  lazer beams wat in rooi, groen en blou al wat mens is soos ‘n robot laat lyk.  Groepies sit saam by staal tafels met swart tafeldoeke en plastiek stoele.  Same old, same old…








Die spyskaart het soos volg gelyk;  Broodtafel en Lasagne.

True to Porterville style the apricot jam was served in empty margarine tubs and the margarine was simply opened and placed on the table with a couple of knives stuck into it – no pretence.  As jy nie welkom gevoel het na die starter nie, was jy by die verkeerde party!

The lasagne was the best I have ever had.  Served with beautiful fresh garden salads and salad dressing.  I went back for seconds – something I NEVER do!

More than enough drinks to kill any thirst and lift any mood. Good old fashioned music and salt of the earth people.

I cannot help asking myself; Who wouldn’t just love to be a part of a community like this?

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