Yayh!!! For knowing. Yayh!!! for understanding! Yayh, Yayh, Yayh!!!


One of my sure beliefs in life is to fake it till you make it.  So now I’m faking because I know that I’ll make it. I’m faking because I do actually understand where all this insecurity and lack of decision making comes from. I can fake excitement, because I know that this too shall pass (so I’ve heard and so I have experienced more that a dozen times.) Cause that’s life, hey – everything ‘passes’ at the end. Ons maak maar almal geraamtes groot volgens Opperman in Jorik.

I need to do something creative to lift me out of this … this , what do we call it? This mood?  No, its not a mood. A mood has to do with hormones :-). Its a mere dip. A natural dip in such an unnatural life situation. 

So what will I do.  Cook supper?  Make a quilt?  Write to you?  Drink some wine and forget a little?  Believe it or not, but being the phenomenal woman I am, I’ve chosen 3 out of the above 4. 

The quilt exercise will have to wait until I see color again.

Oh my! I am being so very rude!  Talk talk talk about myself!!!  But I have heard that I write about the things you guys(girls) feel.  I hope then, that with this honest letter to you, I will help somehow. 

‘Cause to feel psychologically awful is NATURAL. To allow people and circumstances to get the better of you, is NORMAL.  Who ever said “don’t sweat the small stuff” isn’t human!  So say I!    We are all skeletons covered with beauty.  We feel and hurt, thirst and laugh about the same things!

Okay! So I’ve chosen to cook supper,  have some wine and write to you.   The wine was poured from a box!  The writing to you is what you are busy reading.  All that’s left is to share my oH SO creative mood-lifting dinner with you.



Which is easier, more heart-warming and energy packed?  Aaahhh, WTFrikkadel!  Let’s throw it all together. 

By having tuna twice a week you could raise your omega 3 levels at least as effectively as a daily fish oil supplement.  I must admit, I prefer tuna to a little pill!   This helps prevent heart disease and inflammation.  Controls high blood pressure, prevents  strokes, Thrombosis and obesity.

Pasta is great for carbo-loading wich helps with any endurance activity, and gives you a great Italian accent!


1.  Get yourselves a packet of macaroni.

2.  2 tins of tuna. I like the oily one.

3. Pick some fresh parsley. And remember as I said before, if you don’t have fresh herbs, come pick from my garden!

4.  2 large onions! Crucial!!

5. A hint of garlic – according to taste.

– Cook the macaroni ‘al dente’.

– Cut onions into rings and cook in a pan in a bit of water till translucent.

– Add the tuna to the onion – Oil and all!

– Add garlic. (If desired)


Fry together for about 10minutes,  then add the pasta and parsley to the tuna and onion. 

Heat up for a few seconds, making sure not to over-cook the pasta. 
Serve this dish with a lovely green
salad.  Avocado really compliments the tuna.

All and all, this dish is simple though full of soft flavors, making it easy for the whole family to enjoy – and more than likely they’ll come back for seconds!


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2 Responses to Yayh!!! For knowing. Yayh!!! for understanding! Yayh, Yayh, Yayh!!!

  1. Madelain says:

    Ag, hoe mis ek nou daai rooi muur in jou kombuis. Sommer lus en gooi nou self ‘n wyntjie en maak ook ‘n moodlifter tuna pasta. Mmmm, ek het hoender uitgehaal vir manlief en kinders en o ja, vir Ouma ook. Streng opdrag gekry van manlief dat ek “gesonde” kos moet kook. Maar, is goeie en lekker opbeurende leesstof dan nie ook gesond vir die siel nie? Voel sommer klaar beter. Dankie Ronel-vriendin.

    • delikadent says:

      Ek stem Madelain! Wie het kos nodig as jy lekker leesstof het?! 🙂
      Dis ‘n plesier girl, en onthou; my rooi kombuis is besig, my rooi kombuis is lig…

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