I was always here, even if you could not see me…

Sounds like something God would say.


Well, now I’m here AND you can see me!

I blame facebook for my absence.  Being an expressionist, I need to share what I feel, what I live and what I think.

Having a fb account makes it so easy to quickly sign on and update your status (- in FB language). Or click on ‘comment’ and make your comments heard.  Or, if you are not too expressive, but like what you see on a friends status, you simply click ‘like’.  Easy peasy…  Minimal thinking involved. 

Before you know it minutes and hours has passed and you have nothing to show for the morning.  Except perhaps a like or 3.


The good news is that I have swopped my facebook account for wordpress.  Hopefully I will write more entertaining, more constructive and more appropriate updates here. 

I’d like to leave you with the following bit of truth about me.  If you do not like what you read, now might be a good time to sign out of my blog….


I sleep naked.

I drink my wine from a cooldrink glass and my champagne from a wine glass.

I laugh out loud with my mouth wide open and often I speak while I eat.

Usually I forget to close the bathroom door and only realise it when my panties are on my ankles. 


tata! till next time.


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  1. Madelain says:

    So verlig jy’s darem nie heeltemal weg nie. Mis jou en jou pittige expressionisme.

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