So, he reckons my story is a story worth telling.  I loudly disagreed.  No way.   There are so many people out there with so much to say.  I’ve never travelled.  I haven’t even seen half of my own country, let alone India, Spain or Italy.  Italy, now there I could go, spend some romantic nights at street cafes and dwell in galleries and museums and then yes, I might then have a story.

But as for now, as for the current life I’m living, I’m pretty much a plain Jane.

“Bull!”  You replied.  “What’s so plain Jane about your life?”  Well, for starters I live in a plattelandse dorpie without much inspiration.  A girl can only write about a mountain so many times!  I share my house with my awesome husband and 3 children.  I haven’t been to the movies in 5 years.   I have no DSTV, no PVR, no DVD machine, and no cell phone.

In my kitchen I cook slowly, mostly burning whatever is going because I have a horrible habit of forgetting.  I defrost my meat in water as there’s just no space for a microwave.  No space and no need.

My garden is my holy place and my passion.  I grow herbs, fruit trees, shrubs and flowers –  the more edible, the better.  Don’t get me wrong, smoked pastrami and salami has it’s place, but I do believe that the soil is capable of providing in our every need.  I dig into the soil with bare hands – if my fingernails are not ‘dirty’ and wet after spending time in the garden,  I feel like a mere observer.

My afternoons mainly consists of doing homework with my three nearly teenage kids and, needless to say;  feeding them.  Non-stop eating and permanent hunger seems to be a constant in growing, active, healthy kids.  One of the many advantages of living in the Platteland is that I don’t need a kiddies taxi.  No running around from the one extra-mural to the other.  My kids either ride their bicycles or walk to sport and other activities.

When I need a smile or a moment of meditation, I watch our pig,  Poppie pushing her nose into everyones business, or I share my vetkoek with my brown free range chicken Alberta.   She loves it!

In these pages I want to share my garden, my life and my delicious sandwich and bread ideas, and, by doing that, I might leave something behind….. perhaps a few breadcrumbs, hopefully a lot of inspiration!


2 Responses to Me

  1. Heidi Schwartz says:

    I love you my friend and you are such an inspiration for all of us. Wishing you success with your new venture!!!! Cannot wait for the next recipe……

  2. Madelain says:

    Uitstekend! Ek het geweet jy sou iets kry om te doen. Wel, mooi broodjies bak. In jou plaingeit is jy altyd ‘n inspirasie vir ons. Well done, Ronel. Hier gaat jy weer. 😉

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